Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I had (key word, had) an aunt. She was very artsy, crafty and made just about every gift she ever gave. At least that I can remember. These sweatshirts, well, as I'm sure you've guessed, they were a set of gifts. Clever, eh?

Paige and I, our letters made sense...somewhat. I was MO. That could be someone's nickname. Paige as AG, again, not bad. Chris and Kaitlin thought, what does NT or UE mean? How would you even pronounce them?

Well, you're not, you see, when you put them all together they spell MONTAGUE. Perfect how that worked out. Eight letters divided by 4 children equals 2 letters each. Yes, I did pass math in college, just too me 2 tries... Not kidding either...

I believe we were on the beach when this picture was taken. Probably Sunset Beach. One of our favorite places to camp. I think this picture even turned into a Christmas card.

We're we a bunch of cuties!

Wonder what happened to us...

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