Friday, June 5, 2009

Merry Birthday to Me!

May 15th marked the day that I celebrated my birthday with hordes of friends. Like this lovely couple, Jenn and Anthony. You may remember that I was in their wedding a year ago.
Kaitlin, as she said, "This is me making a face for how old you are... maybe you should act your age and I won't need to make faces... no, I'll still make faces. :P"
Hey, at least I got 2 thumbs up from Genelle for it being my birthday. Or maybe it was because we were finally being seated after an almost 2 hour wait.
Note to self, when meeting a group over 10 people at BJ's for dinner, call and make reservations at least 24 hours in advance.

George, drinking his pitcher for 1. At least it was good beer!
Katie and George. Wooooo! Notice Thomas' Reno 911 'stach.
People at that end of the table. Scott, Dan, Krista, Stacey, Jenn, Anthony.
Yummy! Tangerine Tango. Yes please! (Kaitlin's gotta grab my iphone every chance she gets, which is a lot, to play games.)
Required Stacey/Courtney self photo.
Somebody said something about my Pazookie (free for the birthday girl!), I yelled "Hey". Can you see it, that I yelled hey?
Kaite! That's George's pitcher of beer for 1.
And tada! That was my birthday dinner.

I recommend to everyone to try the shrimp pasta with creamy chardonnay sauce. And the Blue Topaz martini. And the Tangerine Tango martini. And if you're brave, get the pitcher for 1.

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Teaseburger said...

Fun!! Cute pic of us!!