Saturday, October 31, 2009

7th Annual Oktoberfest

This year was our 7th Annual Oktoberfest.  Seven.  7.  Can you believe that for 7 years we've been making beer and sausage and throwing a party in the back yard?  Remember last year?

The Pre-Oktoberfest Party (Friday prior) consisted of strudel making, sausage stuff, and me making appetizers (these and these) for the birthday party.

Line up the beer steins...


The sausage selection with Art campaigning serving.

Howdy neighbor!  Dale bar tending. 

More people.  My aunt is back in there.  And my pregnant bff too.

Me getting ready to open a bottle of "dry blueberry wine" from Florida.  Don't do it.  Ever.  Stick to the places that know how to make wine.  Like California or Chile or Australia.

Kaitlin enjoying a cream stout.  Check out the new covering over the deck!

Kaitlin, Jenn and me.

What can I say?  I was thirsty!

And the boys played pool.

Standard Stacey/Courtney self photo.

And more pool.  Rack 'em Mitch!

Dad hanging with the boys.

Mom, Jenn, Krista, Laurie, Kaitlin, Whitney, Katie, and me.  Gotta love that long built-in bench!

Me, Stacey, Jenn and Katie.  It's become our new annual picture tradition.

Mom, Bob, and Dad.  Good friends.  Too much beer consumed between the 3 of them.  Where was Annette during this picture...?

 And so concludes the very quick brief snap shot of the Oktoberfest.

News flash for 2010... due to the Montague's and the Diliberto's each having a child they're getting rid of marrying off during September/October, Oktoberfest will either be postponed until 2011 or earlier in the summer.

To see the whole Oktoberfest album go here.

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