Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wine Tasting/Murphys Irish Festival Day Trip

Some few weeks ago, I went on a quick little day trip up to Murphys in the Sierra foothills.  You see, they put on a Irish Festival every year.  So we went.  My parents, brother, future SIL, and bro's friend.  Murphys = total Irish pride!  On the way though we stopped at Twisted Oak Winery to do a little tasting.  Good stuff!  Then we proceed to Murphys to walk around downtown and have lunch.  Good times!
Afterwards we stopped at Iron Stone Winery to taste their stuff.  It wasn't that great, but the flowers definitely were!
As so concludes the day trip.  I napped on the way home.  Wine + hilly roads = lull to sleep.

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